Top Places To Visit When In Portland (Oregon)

Are you traveling to Oregon but have no idea where to go? Are you visiting a family member yet you barely know what attractions or places you can both visit? Be a smart tourist and use esta 確認 on all of your travels for an unforgettable experience.

Oregon Zoo

Considered as Portland’s best tourist attraction, Oregon zoo holds a fascinating history. A private animal collector donated most of his creatures to the City of Portland. And this place is not only used for viewing animals, but also for saving and breeding endangered species! It houses 1,955 animals with approximately 232 different species. How cool is that?

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Currently, Lan Su Garden is the most authentic replica of the gardens of China. This place mirrors the Ming Dynasty, and some people say that if you’re in Portland and want to visit China, then visit Lan Su Chinese Garden. It surely won’t disappoint.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

China isn’t the only place Portland teleports you to, but Japan as well! Located on one side of the Willamette River, this place is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. You can jog, take long walks, have picnics, or have photo ops to remember your stay. Make sure to visit all five areas: The Bowl, Salmon Street Springs, The Central Lawn, John Yeon Building, and The Esplanade.

The Children’s Museum

No need to worry about keeping your children entertained because The Children’s Museum offers various activities to keep them busy. They can start by visiting the grocery store and plan meals (and also make them!), or pass by The Building Bridgetown to educate them about construction, as well as trying the Outdoor Adventure for those who love nature. Your child’s happiness is also yours, so pay a visit and make more memories with the Children’s Museum’s parent-child activities.

Portland International Raceway

I am calling all motor racing fanatics! With more than 550 events a year, this raceway host almost all possible vehicle races: motorcycle road racing, motor cross, drag racing, auto racing, and cruise-ins but it doesn’t stop there. Portland International gives way to other events, especially those that involve charity work like yearly walking, running, and physical functions.

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