Learn The Process Of Getting An ETA New Zealand

Since the first day of October this year, tourists and visitors to New Zealand will be required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA before entering the country.  The ETA New Zealand shall grant the travelers coming from 60 visa-waived countries to stay in New Zealand Z for up to 90 days.

Read on as we discuss the process of getting an ETA New Zealand.

Who Should Get ETA New Zealand?

While British citizens can stay for an extended period of up to six months,   eTA New Zealand is not applicable for Australian passport holders and some of Pacific Island countries’ permanent residents. Furthermore,  those who were guests of cruise ships traveling New Zealand Territory will need to apply for an eTA.


Click here for the list of the 60 countries earlier stated.


The Application Process Of ETA New Zealand


  1. Requirements

Before you begin the online application, prepare the following details and requirements:


  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Contact details
  • Biometrics data
  • Passport photo


  1. Declarations

It is also required for applicants to declare the following before they’ll be given eligibility for eTA New Zealand.

  • Purpose of Travel
  • Criminal conviction history (if there is)

It’s also possible that you will be asked if your visit is either for medical consultation or Treatment. If you’ve been deported from another country may be also asked on the eligibility question


  1. Fill Out The Application Form

    Provide all the details being asked on the eTA New Zealand online application form.


  1. Payment

All payment transactions are made online so make sure that you have a credit or eligible debit card you can utilize.


  1. Submission

After providing all the correct details and requirements, just click the submit button for the completion of your eTA New Zealand application.


  1. Verification

eTA New Zealand approval shall be sent on your email address and will take around a few minutes only.



It is highly suggested that you file your online application at least a month before your preferred travel schedule. Although it will normally take a few minutes for the approval, there are instances that it reached 72 days. Take note that without the eTA New Zealand, you will not be allowed to board the flight for the country.

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