How To Get Your Einreise Kanada Visa

If you are traveling from Germany into the country of Canada, obtaining your visa is a necessity. This is what allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. This is standard procedure when you are traveling to any country other than your own. You must visit the Canadian government website, go to their immigration section, and submit your application there. The process will take just a few minutes, and seconds after you have made your payment, you will be granted your visa. There are some problems that you may run into when obtaining your einreise Kanada that may happen.

Problems That May Occur

getting a Canadian Visa is usually a smooth process. That is because, when traveling from Germany, the citizens are already preapproved. If you have a passport that can identify who you are, when you submit the application, the visa will be attached to your passport instantly. However, if there are any problems, such as needing additional documentation, there is a place to upload PDF documents which will then be reviewed.

How Long Will It Take Before Your Issues Are Resolved?

If there are any problems at all, it may take up to a couple weeks before the documentation is verified. This is typically only requested if there is a problem with your passport and their ability to identify you. Regardless of what the issue is, once you have submitted the application, and the additional information, you should be able to get your visa attached to your passport right away. Even if you have extra documents that need to be submitted, this will not take very long. It really is easy to get your einreise Kanada visa. Simply fill out the form, submit your application with your payment, and you will be able to travel from Germany to Canada without any problems at all.

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