5 Most Important New Zealand Visa Requirements

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. The country boasts of its hiker’s trails, glaciers, lush forests, and animals like kiwis, kangaroos, and koalas. If you have your visa ready, then you can visit this wonderful paradise. You can stay or study up to three months, and you can even include your partner as well as all your dependent children. What are the most important New Zealand tourist visa requirements you need to know?


Online Visa Application Form

You will need to complete the forms required for the electronic travel authorization or eTA. You need to login to https://etanewzealandvisa.com/ and complete the online eTA New Zealand form. Your form needs various types of documents that go along with it, or that should be scanned and uploaded to complete the form. When you accomplish everything, you’ll receive the eTA visa waiver automatically in your inbox.


Required Documents

The required documents for your visa include your passport-sized photo with a light background, a valid passport that is at least three months before expiry, a government-issued card or a social security card, and a means of sustenance. This means of sustenance is something you need to prove as soon as you arrive in New Zealand. In that case, a bank account would be enough. You also need a return flight ticket or at least a proof that you have enough money to buy one. Lastly, you’ll need proof of good character. This also requires you to be honest with your criminal records.


Supporting Documents

If your basic New Zealand visa requirements are not enough, then you’ll be needing supporting documents to prove your identity further. These documents may include a driver’s license, a financial document like a credit card billing statement, a cover letter showing your intention to travel, a business permit, or a record of previous travels as shown in your current passport or photocopied from an old passport.


Visa Fee

You’ll be needing the financial means to pay for the eTA. You can only use a credit card or a debit card to pay, so make sure that you have one beforehand. After making the payment, wait for three to 15 days for processing. Processing time would usually depend on the season. Thus, when it’s Christmas, processing may take longer, so you need to apply three months before the date of your entry.


Other Documents 

In case you are questioned further once you arrive at the New Zealand airport, then you should be ready with your letter of intent of travel, and a copy of your criminal history or a statement of it signed by your lawyer. Ask your lawyer or the people at https://etanewzealandvisa.com/ if there are other things you need to bring with you.

Some Final Words

New Zealand is a beautiful place, but the only way you can explore it is through a visa. Apply for an online visa and fulfill all your New Zealand visa requirements ahead of time. Visit https://etanewzealandvisa.com/ for more information. Knowing your visa requirements in advance will give you so much peace of mind.…