Things You Didn’t Know About Canada

Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Canada

What do you imagine when you think about Canada? Great ski season? Polar bears? Donuts? You might have something different in mind. But today, we’ll shatter your original outlook about this big fat island. It’s not only maple trees and syrup out there! These are four interesting things about Canada you most likely didn’t even know!


Canada has the most number of lakes.

Canada is the second largest country in the world next to Russia. With its large land area, it has a lot to boast. More than 50% of the natural lakes on the face of the Earth can be found in this country. Intense glacial phenomenons brought most of them. Approximately, there are 31,752 lakes larger than 3 km squared in Canada and covering 9% of its surface with freshwater!


Canada is prepared for the Alien’s arrival.

Taking hospitality in a new level, the tiny Prairie town of St. Paul in Alberta has made the world’s first-ever UFO landing pad and is ready to greet and meet extraterrestrial voyagers anytime. The flat structure was built as part of Canada’s centennial celebration in 1967. While the aliens haven’t arrived yet, tourists are very much welcome to visit the place by having a Canada visa eta – no spaceship needed.


Canada loves Mac and Cheese.

The Mac and Cheese is considered to be the nation’s de facto national dish. Canada consumes more than 55% of boxed Mac and Cheese than any other country in the world and is the most popular product purchased in Canadian grocery shops. Now, you’ll know what to expect for dinner in a Canadian home!


Canada holds the largest snake gathering in the world.

Dubbed as the largest gathering of snakes anywhere in the face of Earth, tens of thousands of the snakes get together in the Narcisse Snake Pits in Manitoba. During May, the red-sided garter snakes go out from their winter refuge and head to the area for the mating season. The world-renowned spectacle lasts about two to three weeks before the snakes go back to their local marshes.

There are other fantastic things about Canada beyond what is included here. Go ahead, visit Canada, and discover what this country has to offer. It is better to experience things firsthand!