4 Tips When Getting an Oman Visa Online

The country of Oman in the Middle East has the most diverse climate among all other countries in the region. Its capital, Muscat, is the second best city in the world for travel, according to Lonely Planet. Also, the city was named the Middle East’s capital of tourism. No wonder it is the destination of many foreigners. If you’re among these people who want to set foot on this unique and beautiful country, then you should know how to process an Oman visa online.


Know What You Want And If You’re Qualified

First of all, you should know which type of visa you’re applying for online. You may want to have a Resident Sponsored Visa or a Resident Unsponsored Visa if you’re an investor, an international student in an Omani university, or a relative of an Omani or a foreigner in Oman. You may also want a Visit Sponsored Visa if you’re a businessman invited by a local. Otherwise, you need a Visit Unsponsored Visa if you’re just there for a visit. Most nationalities can enter Oman except residents of Israel.

Prepare Your Documents as You Process Your Application

If you’re among those who need an Oman visa online, then you need to kickstart your application by visiting https://omanvisum.de/, and you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process as soon as you push the “Apply Online” button. Also, when you fill out the application form, be ready with your travel document details. These may include your travel document number as well as the type of travel document. Write down in advance your applicant’s personal information. Have your passport scanned as well as other pertinent documents so that you can upload them easily.

Know the Costs in Advance

If it’s your first time to process your visa online, then you’re required to pay through either a debit or credit card. You can pay the regular visa fee or any other related fees. Always be ready with money in your debit or credit card for extra fees needed. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the whole application process.

Wait for Approval and Know the Validity of the Visa

You’ll receive an email sometime after you submit your application. You should print out this email. It contains your evisa approval note. You need to present this to the border control offices as soon as you arrive in Oman. Remember that you must use the visa within six months from the date of its issuance. Also, you must not stay more than three months from the date of arrival in Oman. You can have a visa extension for one month of single entry use.

Some Final Words

Applying for an Oman visa online is not a complicated thing to do. As long as you have your travel documents ready as well as your credit or debit card, then you’re in for smooth processing. This saves you the hassle of visiting a visa application center and dressing up for the appointment.


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